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Skitchine Photography Workshop
Landscapes and Nightscapes
August 5 - 7, 2021
Join Wayne Parsons and Tom Evans for the 2021 Skitchine Lodge Photography Workshop: Landscapes and Nightscapes

With stunning views and big skies in a remote wilderness setting, Skitchine Lodge is a photographer's dream. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to learn daytime and nighttime photography skills from two accomplished experts.

Daytime Landscapes

Your daytime landscape instructor is Wayne Parsons. Wayne's sessions are designed for beginner to intermediate photographers and focus on composition. It doesn't matter if you only have a cell phone or you're fully equipped with a DSLR, Wayne's instruction will be valuable to everyone.

Topics will include:

  1. Gear - Using the gear you already own, you will learn to take advantage of the best attributes that your camera gear will provide. From cell phone cameras, to point & shoot digital cameras, to DSLR's with interchangeable lenses, you will learn to take great landscape photos. We will cover some basic settings and what they are used for.
  2. Lighting - Lighting is key to creating a great shot, or is it? We will learn that you can get great results in less than ideal lighting.
  3. Subject Matter - What to look for? Looking for your main point of focus in the scene.
  4. Rule of thirds, balance, look space and why these things matter. Imagine your final image through the viewfinder.
  5. Depth of Field - Utilizing your camera's settings along with subject matter, you will learn when to use a shallow or wide depth of field.
  6. Leading lines - Using techniques to draw your eye to the main point of focus.
  7. There is no such thing as a boring scene. Utilizing creative techniques and camera angles to create interesting scenes.
  8. Architectural Photography - Tips for incorporating buildings and structures into your scene.
  9. Editing your photos - Using Lightroom editing techniques to make your images pop!

Meet Wayne Parsons:

I am a freelance photographer with home bases in both British Columbia and Newfoundland. My style does change and is evolving, but one thing is for certain, I prefer the look of real situations rather than overly edited images. Lighting, composition, balance, symmetry, and subject matter are what I feel are the keys to a good photo. If this works for you too, then let's work together. I graduated from Capilano University in North Vancouver in 2002. There, I was enrolled in the Media Resources Program, with study in advanced photography, videography, documentary film production, audio design, and creative writing. My first love is landscape photography, but I also shoot portraits, weddings, product, sports, commercial, and real estate/architectural. My photography and articles have been featured with Tourism Newfoundland, Explore Washington State, and such publications as Launch MTB, Bike, and Mountain Bike UK. (www.wayneparsonsphotography.com)


Your nightscape instructor is Tom Evans. Skitchine Lodge offers some unique nightscape opportunities in August. The Milky Way rises directly over Skoatl Point butte, the Big Dipper and Polaris are framed over the lodge, Andromeda rises over the lodge cabins, and through it all the Persied meteor shower casts bright meteors throughout the sky. Given a clear night, Skitchine is a spectacular location for nightscape photographers. Tom's sessions will focus on introductory field craft skills for capturing Skitchine’s unique nightscapes. Weather permitting, we will work on capturing both a Milky Way shot, and a star trail over the two nights of the workshop.

The skills we will cover include:

  • Composition and planning
  • Image capture plans for ground and sky
  • DSLR camera settings for nightscapes
  • F-stop and exposure settings
  • Focus techniques
  • Software and learning resources for further study and self learning of post-processing techniques

Who should attend:

This workshop is intended for people who enjoy landscape DSLR photography and are interested in adding nightscapes to their skills. It is best suited for individuals who are familiar with basic DSLR camera skills but are new to nightscapes. Don't have a DSLR camera? Don't worry, Tom is an engaging instructor with a wealth of astronomical knowledge. There is something for everyone in these nighttime sessions.

What you need to bring:

  • A DSLR camera with a Bulb setting
  • A wide angle lens (14 - 25 mm is ideal)
  • A tripod
  • An intervalometer
  • A red filtered head lamp
  • A cell phone with your favourite night sky astronomy app (Sky Safari is ideal)

Meet Tom Evans:

I am an avid amateur astrophotographer and a keen fly fisherman. Skitchine Lodge has been a focus for my family get-aways for over 30 years, and I often bring more telescope and camera equipment up to the lodge than my fly fishing equipment. My astro photos have been featured in several publications, websites and journals worldwide. In 2020 my nightscape of Orion rising over ice bubbles in Abraham Lake was awarded Best Nightscape by SkyNews magazine. Two of my images from Skitchine have been awarded Image-of-the-month by the Royal Astronomical Society Of Canada’s monthly publication, and one of these went on to receive SkyNews’ annual Readers’ Choice award.

2021 Photography Workshop Dates and Details

Thursday, August 5 - Saturday, August 7

$840 CAD / person plus taxes


  • 2 nights accommodation at Skitchine Lodge
  • Food and Beverage (hot served breakfast, to-go lunches, plated dinner paired with wine; beer and soft drinks during the day)
  • 2 days instruction with Wayne Parsons
  • 2 nights instruction with Tom Evans

Not included:

  • Transportation to and from Skitchine Lodge
  • Cameras and equipment

2021 Booking Requirements and COVID Policy

Applicants must apply in pairs with another person in their bubble. You and your bubble buddy will share accommodations at the Lodge.

A 50% deposit confirms your spot. The remaining 50% is due upon arrival.

Deposit is fully refundable until COVID restrictions are lifted. If restrictions are lifted, the deposit will become non-refundable 3 days after restrictions are lifted.

Further COVID policy information is available upon request and will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your booking.

There are only 12 spaces, so sign up today!

To register, please email the Lodge at skitchinelodge@gmail.com.

Please note: this course cannot be booked using our online booking tool, so please email the lodge directly.